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  • Laughter, tears and awesome dance moves.

    Your wedding day is more than a dress and some gorgeous flowers. When it's all said and done, we want to remember those fleeting moments. You know, the ones that make you grin, giggle or cry when you look back through the images. Jenn has built her approach through years of experience, and will artfully capture these moments through anticipation and reaction. You'll thumb through your beautiful album and relive your day for the rest of your life... and that's the whole idea.
  • It's all about the light, light, light.

    Well, it's true. Whether it's a summer day with a crazy bright sun, a moody, stormy sky, a delicious beam of window light or a dance floor when it's party time, Jenn is obsessed with capturing the mood of the moment. She will harness, create or manipulate light every step of the way for the most beautiful result possible. So, you're looking for sparkly first dance photos? Dramaticly back-lit portraits? Funky images full of kickass character? This is how it's done.
  • So, we love you. What now?

    Kickass. Now's the time to set up a visit with Jenn at her studio. She can show you some lovely products, some fabulous large prints and canvases, and chat with you about the vision and dream for your wedding day. Be sure to get in touch as soon as possible, because Jenn books up quickly. The average client books Jenn as early as one to two years in advance, and Jenn only accepts 25 weddings per year for the best service and attention to her clients. Click on "Contact" on the menu up top, fill out the form, and let's get this party started!
  • "Jenn. My fucking god. They're beautiful. You have such an eye. Amazing. Can you just photograph the rest of my life? And what are your rates for near-daily coverage for the next fifty years?"

    — Cat & Rusty

    "Oh my goodness! The photos are superfuckingawesome! Thank you so so so so sooooo much with a cherry on top. We are basking in the awesome."

    — Justin & Amy

    "Damn, we couldn’t wait to tell you how hard you rocked it. Seriously. The only complaints were that some people lost their socks because you rocked them straight off. Throughout the night, we heard a ton of guests commenting that you seemed to have your shit together, and a ton that didn’t even notice you at all (perfect!). When the previews went up on your website, we pulled them up on the projector at the after party and it was nothing but ooo’s, aaahh’s and awww’s for 10 minutes. Parents and family thought the same in the AM. And to top all of that, we linked to your site from our wedding page and twitter was already blowing up with people super excited about the photos. So yeah, you rock. We’ve both scrolled through the previews a “few" times ourselves, enjoying the moments you just absolutely nailed. In summary: Your photography is awesome. You're awesome. You helped make our wedding awesome. We wanted to thank you for the awesomeness you’ve contributed to our world."

    — Mark & Aki

    "Love it! Cried like a baby going through the pictures. Thanks so much for being the beautiful artist that you are! So excited."

    — Mary & Nico
  • "Amazing! Incredible! Spectacular! I'm absolutely serious--Jennifer and her assistant, Mike, were the absolute best. From the very first meeting with Jennifer to today, she has been supremely professional and kind. Her talent is a bright shining beacon of light and hope amidst the nonsense that seems to have consumed the wedding industry--especially wedding photography. She truly embraces the photojournalist style and captures the most special moments you didn't even know were happening in the moment. If you're looking for a photographer who will shout at you and pose you in awkward positions that don't fit your personality, don't call Jennifer, because she's not about that crap. She works efficiently and truly cares. She took the time to really learn about us--what inspires us, what stresses us out, what is special to us. This showed so strongly on wedding day. I really can't emphasize this enough--Jennifer and her exquisite work are worth every penny. If you're going to cheap out on something at your wedding, do it on decorations or something. You absolutely need JBe Photography to photograph your wedding."

    — Kat and Eric
  • "Seriously. Dude. Amazing. I've looked a hundred times at the photos and each time notice something different! I just want to stare at the photos all day. Thank you!"

    — Megan and Dave

    "Woman you are so amazing! So talented! You captured everything perfectly and made us look so awesome! They are so beautiful, you did an amazing job. Your depth of field choices are so spectacular, it's not even funny. I mean seriously. It's just not even right how much talent you have. Your choices are spot on. Your work literally just screams pure talent and experience. So beautiful, thank you!"

    — Tiffany and Greg

    "The pictures are WHOA out of this world amazing!!!! You are so extraordinarily talented! Eeeeekkkk! "

    — Amber and Bryan

    "These photos are above and BEYOND what we expected! You are just so talented!!! My mom frickin' LOVES you! Thank you so much."

    — Katie and Jimmy
  • "What can you say about Jenn (or as I like to call her, J-Brin) beyond the fact that she's the best wedding photographer in the Midwest? My wife and I hired her to do our wedding and have been nothing but amazed with the results. J-Brin not only captures the moment with skill and finesse only rivaled by Harry Potter catching the Golden Snitch, but she does it while making you laugh and smile, feeling wonderful all the time. Wife getting hangry? BAM! JB whips out a granola bar and shoots from her hip with speed that would strike fear into a old-western cowboy. Fog rolling in and making your day look dreary? NOPE! Mother Earth may look like shit on your wedding day, but Disney is going to be be calling you asking if they can use your wedding photos as the promos for their next movie because they look so good. Weddings never go perfect. Uncle Bob might hit on your underage friend, Grandma might drink too much and let loose the stories about her younger years, the centerpieces may start on fire because some dumbass put the candle too close to the flowers. Don't fuck up the photography too. Do it right, hire JBe, and when looking back years from now, you'll only remember the fun parts."

    — Joe and Erin

    "Amazing Amazing Amazing!! My husband, Geno, and I were married in January and wanted outdoor pictures in the snow. The pictures turned out gorgeous! Jennifer was so fun to work with and she took the time to listen to how we envisioned our day to be documented. One of the best things was that no one even noticed her or her assistant there. They are very sly! They were able to capture lovely in the moment shots are so special to have. Highly recommend!"

    — Jessica and Geno
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